Accounting services

Since 2001, Liegruppen AS has had its own accounting department and we are authorised as a firm of accountants.

We currently have three employees who keep the accounts for all the group companies. We are members of the Norwegian Association of Authorised Accountants. We not only work for the group's own companies, but also take on assignments for other companies.

Liegruppen currently keeps the accounts for a number of small and large customers.

We provide:

  • Accounting from A to Z
  • Preparation of accounting vouchers
  • Posting entries and registration
  • Reconciliation of cash, bank, customers and suppliers etc.
  • Interim reports throughout the year
  • Remittances
  • Tax and duties
  • Annual accounts with tax papers and tax calculations
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll
  • Calculation of salary
  • Quarterly reports for tax and employer's contribution
  • Annual accounts and submission of certificate of pay and tax deducted
  • Scanning invoices and electronic flow of documents
  • Economic advice

Latest news from accounting services (in Norwegian)