Tenant buys Ågotnes Centre

Ågotnes Senter AS (ÅS) er solgt fra Ågotnes Service Senter AS (ÅSS)  til Stikai Holding AS.  

ÅSS was founded in may 1984 and run by Hans Jørgen Lie. Stikai Holdig AS has been a tenant in the building via subsidiaries Ågotnes Hotell AS and Ågotnes Bensin og Storkiosk AS. The good cooperation, wich begun as early as when Frank Kjelsvik was  employed at Ågotnes Service Senter AS, has been particularly good and close. Eventually the Kjeldsvik companies Ågotnes Bensin og Storkiosk AS and Ågotnes Hotell AS was founded and took over operation of respectively gas station, hotel and Public cafè og bar. It has been very exciting to follow the development and growth that has been these years, through the efforts and good presence in the operation. We thank you for the cooperation so far and wants Frank Kjelsvik continued success, now also as building owner.