New Libas coming soon

Libas will become the first fishing boat with gas and battery propulsion

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Published 06.02.2018 — Share on Facebook / LinkedIn

Once again innovations for the future is being used when the new Libas will be built. This time, it's the environment that will benefit from new innovations.

One year and six months ago, Salt Ship Design AS got the task of developing a fishing boat unlike anything ever built before. After a long period of development and maturing, both parties are proud to present the first sketches of new Libas.

The new fishing boat will be 86 meters long and 17.80 meters wide and will be built at Cemre in Turkey.

Libas is built with a 350 cum LNG tank that will be used as a propulsion along with a large battery pack.

The ship is equipped as a purse seiner, and for both single and double purse seines.

There is some final clarification of equipment, so more details will come later.