Hansagården Eiendom

Award-winning urban development project in urban and historical surroundings

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Liegruppen has sold Hansagården Eiendom AS and Hansaparkering AS to Hemfosa Samfunnsbygg AS. Until further notice, Liegruppen will be responsible for managing the property portfolio.

In 2001, Liegruppen purchased the former production facilities for Hansa Borg brewery. The facility comprised around 33,000 m² of buildings and 15,000 m² of halls excavated from the rock, and a car park in the Fløen area measuring around 2,000 m².

Since 2003, Stor-Bergen Boligbyggelag has assisted with the development of the residential areas and several of the commercial areas in Hansagården Eiendom. In 2008, EGD Property acquired a shareholding of the company which owns and runs the commercial areas. Subsequent to a new zoning procedure and a substantial investment, Hansagården Eiendom now comprises 188 apartments, modern commercial facilities and a wide variety of services.

The property has a very attractive location with only a 10-minute walk to Bergen city centre and a short distance to Haukeland hospital. There is plenty of parking and the local bus service stops right beside the property.

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Rune Heggelund

Rune Heggelund

Operation manager Liegruppen

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Roy-Eddy Lie

Roy-Eddy Lie

Property manager

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